Pubs de prévention contre le virus du SIDA - Nuit du 30 Novembre... faites passer le message, pas le virus!

 Night of the HIV/AIDS prevention TV commercials :
AIDS Remember me

On November 30th, the Health & Consumer Protection Directorate (DG SANCO) at the European Commission is organising a “night of the HIV/Aids prevention TV commercials” at the Kinepolis movie theatre in Brussels. During the event the Commission will present a selection of HIV/AIDS TV commercials from across Europe and beyond and young Europeans in the audience will have the chance to vote for the best commercial. The event will also include concerts, a press conference and distribution of promotional material from partners including MTV. The aim of the event is to draw attention to the growing incidence of HIV/Aids, and involve young people in a broad and frank debate on the issue.


Visit the event website: www.aids-remember-me.eu where you can also vote or propose your own scenario or video.

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