être le monstre de quel monstre, telle est une bonne question


"Regarding language, is it best to be careful with our words and aware of what they do (rather than mean), to weigh the possible connotations, echoes, reverberations, all of which are infinite; or, is it best to be impulsive, overcome with it, even at the risk of catastrophe? What I am asking is: does intentionality perhaps weigh even heavier — “matter more” — to we who eschew it? In my extreme focus on each syllable and signifier, and my recognition of their arbitrariness and fragility, I have only given it (the language I use) and myself a strange power, albeit a false power: the idea that, in being careful with my words, lest I risk meaning recklessly or differently, my words might “mean” anything at all. We are careful because we fear that somehow, impossibly, they might mean."


Eva Koťátková Parallel biography.jpg (art by Eva Koťátková)


Stan Van DerBeek, ”Breathdeath”, 1963.jpg (art by Stan Van DerBeek, ”Breathdeath”, 1963)


Is it better to out-monster the monster or to be quietly devoured?


— Friedrich Nietzsche


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