Blok Party

Alexander Blok is a major poet of the Russian Symbolism style.

A night, a street, a lamp, a drugstore
A meaningless and dismal light
A quarter century outpours – 
It’s all the same. No chance to flight.

You’d die and rise anew, begotten.
All would repeat as ever might:
The street, the icy rippled water,
The store, the lamp, the lonely night.

October 10th, 1912

             There is a man in flames.


    How difficult it is to walk among people

    While pretending not to have been killed,

    And on the tragic play staged by desires

    Lecture those who've yet to begin to live.

    And scrutinizing your daily nightmare

    Find structure in feelings' confused whirl

    So that you may in art's pale glimmer

    Decipher this life's devastating fire. 

                                             10 May 1910


    As from the void – a blue fountain

    Of light splashed forth.

    Our heads raised up to the mountain –

    And it has fled north,

    Scattered above the black distance

    In golden hues,

    And here, again, an arch, a spiral,

    A sphere, a swirl,

    In green, yellow, fire-red, sky-blue –

    Night's lights go on...

    And, having stirred for no reason,

    Wither from view. 

                                             October 1913

Agitatorn by Hans Hammarskiold, London, 1955.jpg

(Agitatorn by Hans Hammarskiold, London, 1955)

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