Iranian Documentary Film About a Leper Colony (The House is Black) - 1963

Documentary film made by Forough Farrokhzad.

Dave Simmons says:
"White people who romanticize other countries, other cultures and other races, have neither lived among them, nor have they ever been at their mercy and forced to live by their rules and standards of living. Western Civilization - aka white people - gave us the modern medicine that made leper colonies a thing of the past. All of the people who have ever lived without modern medicine - or any of the other things white people gave the world, e.g. scientific and technological advances - are thankful for it. None of the spoiled people who accuse whites of racism and like to shake them down with guilt trips, but who gorge their fat carcasses and marvelous physiques on three meals a day provided to them by modern agriculture that whites invented, have ever lived outside of a society that was run by white people, otherwise they would learn to be grateful.

Whites who are ungrateful for their own people's marvelous achievements, view these advances with no special appreciation, and see the advanced state of white people as evidence of their racism instead of appreciating it and seeing how wonderful it is, and saying "thank you" to their OWN PEOPLE for what they have received from them.
These are the people who will not let white people have their own thing, and who will destroy their uniqueness, and who will take from the world the milieu of an all white society that produced these marvelous improvements.
They must be resisted without fear, for the sake of preserving what is good."

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Press said:

"The House is Black is an acclaimed Iranian documentary short film directed by Forough Farrokhzad.
The film is a look at life and suffering in a leper colony and focuses on the human condition and the beauty of creation. It is spliced with Farrokhzad's narration of quotes from the Old Testament, the Koran and her own poetry. It was the only film she directed before her death in 1967. During the shooting she became attached to a child of two lepers, whom she later adopted.
Although the film attracted little attention outside Iran when released, it has since been recognised as a landmark in Iranian film. Reviewer Eric Henderson described the film; "One of the prototypal essay films, The House is Black paved the way for the Iranian New Wave.

فیلم خانه سیاه‌است به کارگردانی فروغ فرخزاد و تهیه کنندگی ابراهیم گلستان در سال ۱۳۴۲ در پی دیدار از آسایشگاه جذامیان بابا داغی تبریز ساخته شد
و در همان سال در فستیوال فیلم آلمان غربی برندهٔ جایزهٔ بهترین فیلم مستند می‌شود
استفاده از جذامی‌ها به عنوان طرد شدگان جامعه که البته نمونه‌ای این طرد شدگان را در بیش تر قشرهای جامعه می‌توان دید، روزمرگی و انسان گرفتار به طور عام از "شاخص‌های مهم این فیلم است


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